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What do yard waste and cardboard bans mean?

The City of Lincoln currently has 2 landfill bans in place yard waste and cardboard.   What does this mean?

Cardboard Ban: Clean, dry corrugated cardboard is not accepted in the landfill.  This ban affects all Lincoln and Lancaster County residents and businesses who have their garbage collected and delivered to the landfill.  If you are a resident you can put cardboard in your curbside recycling bin or take it to the City's recyclables collection sites. 

If you are a business you must subscribe for recycling service or take corrugated cardboard directly to recycling processors. The City's recyclables collection sites are for residents only. 

Interested in finding out more?  Check out the City of Lincoln's disposal ban page.


Yard Waste Ban: From April 1 to December 1 of every year, grass and leaves (including crabgrass and pine needles) cannot be mixed with other waste for general trash collection.  

Find out more information on what is and isn't considered yard waste here.


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