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Last week marked the maiden voyage of our customized Pik Rite pumper tank.  This state-of-the-art equipment is made for those difficult to do jobs.  

Specs on the equipment:

- Holds 3200 gal of waste  and 400 gal fresh

- 4310 Blower

- Full open door for easy emptying

- Setup on a roll-off chassis so that it can be pulled on our roll-off truck 

- Contoured toolboxes and a mounted Jetter hose!

This piece of equipment is perfect for hard-to-pump jobs, including mud pits and industrial sludges.  Check out our Master Pumper's Jarred and Trevor show off how quickly this tank is able to off-load material, saving us time and our customer's money. 

Have a pump job?  Call us today (402)-438-8001!


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