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We've got an amazing group working in the Uribe Shop.  Every day they work on multiple projects to keep our fleet out on the road.  Check out what we're up to right now!

- Building a new hopper for one of our rear-end load trucks Our rear loaders are the trucks you see out in your neighborhood collecting your curbside materials!

- Rebuilding a rear/front-load container.  Our shop repairs these containers constantly to give them the longest life possible.  These containers are used out at commercial businesses and apartment buildings. 

- Rebuilding a roll-off.  Large containers are known as roll-offs and are used at large projects like construction sites, home cleanouts, etc. 

- Moving our blue packer from one of our old trucks to our new one.  This part of the truck condenses or packs all of the material into the truck so we can pick up the maximum amount allowed before heading to the landfill.  

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